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Workforce agility describes a workforce that thrives on change, can develop future skills at speed and naturally pivots in order to stand out from the competition – all the while balancing investment and people risk with agility and value creation.


of companies surveyed by Aon believe a diverse workforce is key to building an agile workforce

Our research shows that organizations are focusing on reshaping the workforce for the future, and one of the biggest focus areas is developing sustainable measures to build workforce agility.

Workforce agility depends on the behavior of your people. It is about creating an environment in which people have the confidence and ambition to thrive in the face of change. Agile behavior needs to be enabled by structures and control mechanisms that support sustainable value creation in terms of future skills, career mobility and growth. By investing in impactful programs, measuring progress, and managing risk, organizations can enable a diverse, inclusive and agile workforce. After all, workforce agility could be the difference between surviving and thriving.

How agile is your workforce?

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